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A mix of homes, tenements, shops, saloons, dance halls, and night clubs gave the area a special character. Its population grew markedly after World War II, as black population in the city surged. The St. Louis electorate passed a bond issue in 1954 to redevelop the area. Some 20,000 people lived from Market and Vandeventer to the Mississippi River, and between 20th and Grand, extending south from Olive to the railroad tracks; 95 percent of them were black. Demolition of the area began in 1959 to make way for Laclede Town, Grand Towers, the Ozark Expressway , and a 22-acre extension by the St. Louis University onto the Civil War-era Camp Jackson site.

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African-Americans in antebellum St. Louis needed licenses to live in the city, and were banned from voting or testifying against whites in court. While a "black aristocracy" of merchants and professionals existed here by the late 1850s, their lives were far more restrictive than those of their white counterparts. Blacks were subject to housing restrictions, curfews, bans on education, and prohibition from testifying in court against whites. Will usually ship within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment. Shop their eclectic vintage selection or check out the “Modern” collection, where each brand new piece is sourced from other woman-owned small businesses.

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After a series of break-ins at the paper in 1837 and a judge publicly denouncing his views, Lovejoy moved to Alton, Illinois, where slavery was illegal since the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. Later that year, a pro-slavery mob attacked the paper's office and killed Lovejoy. A women's rights leader and writer in Ohio, Gage moved to St. Louis soon after chairing the 1853 National Women's Rights Convention in Cleveland. She wrote extensively on feminism and temperance in the 1840s and 1850s for regional, national, and agricultural papers. Horrified by slavery in Missouri, Gage directed her energies here toward abolition.

black urban dress

It held but one national convention to nominate a presidential candidate, coming to St. Louis in 1904. William T. Scott of East St. Louis and his running mate W. C. Payne of Warrenton, West Virginia, made scarcely a blip on the political screen in Theodore Roosevelt's landslide victory. Most African-American politicos felt they had better chances at influencing policy by working within the existing party system. J. D. Shelley and his family purchased a home at 4600 Labadie in 1939, within the boundaries set by the Association. Louis and Ethel Kraemer, a white couple who lived across the street at 4532 Labadie, filed a lawsuit against them to preclude their moving in.

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black urban dress

When the academic year started, St. Louis had five schools for blacks with 1,600 pupils administered by a Board of Education for Colored Schools. At first, it rented sites for schools, so they moved frequently in the early years. Twelve schools for African-American children opened their doors at the start of the 1875 school year, including two-year-old Colored School No. 8, later named Simmons School. Southern rural blacks were attracted to many growing industrial centers by the lure of factory jobs. Detroit, Gary, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Akron, East St. Louis, and Buffalo were popular destination points. African-Americans filled a local labor shortage in 1916 created by World War I, since European immigration came to a trickle.

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The same was true during World War II. Attracted by wartime production jobs such as those in the local small arms plant, the black population increased 41 percent during the war. Like European immigrants, these Exodusters were both pushed and pulled north. Troops would eliminate their rights or, worse yet, return them to slavery. At the same time, they were attracted by the lure of land in the opening West. Migrating to form new black communities, mostly in Kansas, these former slaves arrived in St. Louis penniless on their trek to new lives in the West.

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